Minimalistic Living Room Designs

The living room is supposed to be the most functional and best arranged room in the house, since most people spend more time in it than in any other room. Also, you guests are invited to it and it’s often the first and only room they get to see. If you want to impress them, you need to dedicate a lot of attention to decorating your living room.

What most people go for these days is the minimalist style, which is all about functionality, brightness and freshness. Such rooms ooze positivity and elegance, since they are free of clutter, which is so common in many homes, and are quite minimalistic. In terms of colours, there are various shades of black, grey and white, although it’s not uncommon to find traces of bright colours, such as green or orange.

The fact that such rooms don’t feature a lot of furniture means they are much easier to clean, which is another great benefit. So, what do you need to do if you want to have a minimalistic living room?


As we’ve already said, less is more. Stick only to the most necessary items, such as a sofa or armchairs, and a coffee table. The items should feature straight lines and they should be devoid of any elaborate decorations.

You may wish to add a centrepiece if you want to achieve the dramatic effect, but you need to select it carefully, so that it provides contrast, either in terms of its size, colour or material. For example, stained glass is increasingly popular, since it makes the room much livelier, particularly when natural textile is used in the room.


Although the most popular colours are black, grey and white, you may wish to add details in bright colours to provide a dramatic effect. If you choose some neutral colours, you might want to consider adding a green detail to achieve such an effect.

Another thing you probably need to do is create contrast between the colour of your sofa and your new floor rugs. For example, you can have a very nice combination of black and white furniture with a circle, patterned carpet.

Lots of people have opted for a combination of red and black furniture, but in that case you need to paint your walls in a very light colour.If you’re short of ideas, check out some of the thousands of pics available on the internet.

Other Features

Ideally, you living room should have large widows or, at least, enough of them to provide a lot of light, since modern minimalism is all about brightness. Bright rooms are more inviting and positive and people feel relaxed when spending time in them.

Since one of the characteristic of such living rooms is that they are clutter-free, you need to get rid of any unnecessary items or hide them well. If you arrange for your storage to be well-hidden, the impression everyone will get is that your living room is neat and organised.

Sometimes you can’t use your old furniture if you want to turn your living room into a minimalistic one, which means you have to buy or have new items custom-made. If that’s the case, think carefully about how you’re going to arrange them and whether you’ll be able to maximise the use of space. If you feel helpless and all the ideas you’ve browsed are simply too overwhelming, you might want to hire an expert interior designer, who can help you achieve your dream of having a modern living room.

In conclusion, your shapes need to be geometric, you need as much light as possible, while the floor should be quite bright. The dominant colours should be neutral, but some details in bright colours are more than welcome. Those are the basic rules, but it’s your living room, so you’re the one who’ll have the final say.


Microbiological Testing in Canned Foods

Consumers have changed their lifestyle and begun to buy processedcanned foods on a regular basis. They are adequately aware about checking expiry, use before and best by dates, ingredients for allergens and nutritional information for health reasons. However, sometimes canned foods can get contaminated with organisms that consumers might not be aware of. Most consumers avoid buying dented or swollen canned foods as they identify these with unsafe food.

Swollen Cans

Swollen cans are generally linked to botulism and microbiological testing can reveal if the food is contaminated with Clostridium botulinium or it is swollen because of overfilling, or closing cans when food is cool. Botulism can cause a number of health hazards including problems in the nervous system, causemuscle and chest weakness and also prove fatal. These organisms can withstand high temperatures and even exist without oxygen. Swelling can also occur when acids in the food product react with the metal of the cans, which causes hydrogen and spoilage. High altitude or rise in temperature also causes cans to swell, therefore, there is a need to test canned foods in a food testing laboratory for spores and rods and also because some microorganisms than can contaminate canned foods and produce no gas.

Leaked Foods

Organisms can also grow in canned foods when there is leakage from the can or when the food is under-processed. Defects, punctures and rough handling of cans can cause leakage which leads to spoilage. Bacterial growth detected in microbiological testing on surfaces of cans. If Clostridium botulinum spores or toxin, or both are found then the hazard is proved. Most botulism spoilage in canned foods is caused by bacteria rods and spores which can lead to spoilage in infant formula, starch, flour, cereals, dehydrated milk, soy proteins and even sugar.


Under-processing of canned foods can also cause contamination either because it has been undercooked because it does not reach adequate temperatures. Sometimes the product is already so contaminated that processing may be insufficient. Changes in formulation or unhygienic handling of the product can also cause contamination. Food testing labs analyse intact cans for specific organisms which indicate that the food is under-processed unless there are other indications. The food testing labs will also determine if the cans are intact and under-processing is not because of drained weight or product formulation.

Sometimes the product in the can is spoiled but there is no microorganism is detected during food testing. In this case it is possible that the spoilage may have occurred before processing or died during storage. Microbiological food testing laboratories also test for contaminants which are often present in the handling equipment which is used throughout the canning process. Contaminants can also be present on the skin of the food handlers, in the soiland on the raw materials themselves. Microbiological testing of raw materials and food testing of finished products even during storage must be carried out to ensure food is safe and has not deteriorated in any way.


Tel Aviv – The Vacation Destination You Should Know

Tel Aviv is a vibrant cosmopolitan city that offers a long strip of Mediterranean beaches and plenty of places to go. Going to Tel Aviv is very convenient because there are many cheap flights to Tel Aviv from your local airport. When you arrive at the Ben Gurion airport, you should follow the signs that lead you to the arrivals halls where you can hire a taxi to Tel Aviv. Another way to reach Tel Aviv is to take the train. From the train station, you can take a bus or cab to go to your hotel. If you are a new tourist and not familiar with taking the train, the best way to go to your hotel is via taxi cab.

You don’t have to worry about finding an accommodation in Tel Aviv because there are plenty of hotels throughout the city. Most of the hotels are nearby to the beaches and within a few minutes of driving distance to the markets and shops. Luxurious high end hotels that are operating in Tel Aviv include Dan Panaroma, Hilton Tel Aviv and Carlton Hotel Tel Aviv.

Hotels located in front of the beach are usually luxurious hotels with 5 star ratings. Luxurious hotels are equipped with facilities like gym, swimming pool and spa. Hotels located across the beach are usually hotels that have 3 – 4 star ratings. Lots of buses will pass by the road across the hotel near the beach every day. If you are looking for a cheaper place to stay, you can stay in boutique style hotel. Many boutique hotels are located in good location near to the shops.

While at Tel Aviv, you should visit the beaches. Supervised beaches with lifeguards on duty include North Tsuk Beach, Gordon Beach, and Charles Clore Beach. The Red Sea also known is Eilat is suitable for tourists who want to go snorkeling or scuba diving. In the Dead Sea, you can float above the sea water without any effort at all. The lifeguards are available from morning until the afternoon. The temperature of the beaches are not very low and suitable for swimming year round. Not all people go to the beach to swim. Some people go to the beach to bask under the sun or have a cup of coffee at the beach cafe. The beach season officially starts on the 23rd April every year.

You can take a walking tour around Jaffa to explore the area. At Jaffa, you will find a clock tower landmark and a Turkish prison. You can walk over to the right side of the Jaffa street to go to the Old Jaffa where you can find the Pisga Park. The Old Jaffa has a lot of alleys. At Pisga Park, there is a lookout that gives you a fantastic view of the city of Tel Aviv. Lots of restaurants can be found at the Jaffa area. You can have a shakshuka breakfast at the Dr. Shakshuka’s restaurant. There is also a flea market where you can visit to do your shopping. You can visit the museums in Tel Aviv to learn about the history and culture of the Jewish people in Israel. Some of the museums you can visit in Tel Aviv are North Tel Aviv, Eretz Israel Museum, The Israel Museum, Palmach House, and Ben Gurion House, Rokach House Museum and Bialik House.