5 Important Questions about Link Building Answered

5 Important Questions about Link Building Answered

Much like building a house, when you are trying to build a link popularity profile for SEO purposes, speed isn’t the only determinant of success. A house that goes up fast, but falls down around the owner’s ears is obviously pretty useless! So today we’re shelving the ‘more and faster is better’ approach, and looking at the ‘other’ things you need to know about link building best practices.

Speed of Link Acquisition

One very important caveat to the advice you’ll read about gaining links is that faster is not better … in fact, gaining links too fast can get you kicked off the search engines, and destroy your search engine optimization campaign thus far. Your links should be built:

  • Slowly at first – perhaps 2-3 links per day in the first month
  • Faster as the site ages
  • Faster as your Page rank increases

Mirroring External with Internal Growth

It is also important to mirror any link popularity growth you make externally with internal linking for the health of your SEO campaign. There are several options for creating a platform for constantly updated, fresh content:

  • Having an on-site blog, where you can cross-link both to pages of the main site and to earlier blog posts
  • Having a News or Press section of the website
  • Create a Local Events section if appropriate to your niche
  • Create a ‘What’s New’ page; especially useful for e-commerce sites.

This internal growth helps re-assure the search engines that your outside link popularity growth is natural, and also provides a greater variety of content that people may want to link to without any encouragement … doing your SEO work for you!

Choose your Anchor Text Carefully

The anchor text for your links was at one stage a couple of years ago, the major factor in Google’s site ranking algorithm. It has since been downgraded – but it is still very important for your search engine optimization to control your anchor text to reflect your most important keywords – those with the best mix of high popularity and low competition.

Balance between One-way and Reciprocal Links

When you link to a site, then they link to you, that link has less weighting in the Google algorithm than if the link been one-way. However, one of the major link building strategies in a long term campaign is to link out to other pages … so how do you reconcile this dilemma? The same way you do every other difficult decision … with compromise. Dammit! Link out – but be selective about it. Don’t bother linking to Wikipedia all the time, they won’t link back – select other sites and bloggers that are likely to notice and return the linking favor.

Link building can actually be a little tricky … but there are always SEO experts around to help you!

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