5 Sweets Will Make New Year Sweeter and Special For You

5 Sweets Will Make New Year Sweeter and Special For You

I am sure the excitement of the new year has now started in everyone. After all, how much time is left for the new year? The new year is saying, I am coming to open your door. New Year, not just a day or date. The new year doesn’t mean only doing a party, exchanging gifts, and having fun. The new year means hope, that in this new and fresh year, everything will be good. Whatever I am thinking to do, in this new year I will do. The new year is a promise to ourselves that we all should do that, we will try our best in everything. In this, new year, we will not only try new things but also we will not give up. So at this moment, we should start the first day of the year, I mean a new year with sweets. So we all will make lots of sweet memories. But now, you will ask me which sweets I should try this new year. Because you want something new but with the traditional taste. So here I come with this amazing combination. The sweets will be delicious but at the same time easily accessible everywhere. In fact, you can make it at your home too.


This is the most famous sweet of Jaipur. If you never have this, then let me tell you, you must try. After tasting this, you will forget that you have to eat the happy new year cake or any other sweet also. If you have never tried to make Ghevar at home. I would suggest ordering from any sweets shop. Because to make a perfect Ghevar you need a lot of practice. This pure ghee and dropping sugar syrup sweet will make you a fan of it. This is one of my favorite sweets in childhood. I love to eat hot Ghevar, especially in the new year when I go out with my maternal grandpa. With hot Ghevar, cold rabri is such a great combo. You can try this, with some rose petals. So don’t forget to order rose flowers from the best flower delivery in Bangalore. I mean the best florist in your nearby area.

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is one of the staple sweets in India. Not only in India even now the world loves these sweets a lot. This is my all-time favorite sweet ever. It is quite easier to make. So if you are thinking of making any delicious but easy sweets this new year. You can make it in your kitchen. Everyone will love it, this is my guarantee. For making it, you don’t need a lot of things. You can use so many things that are left from your christmas plum cakes. Like sugar, all-purpose flour, etc.

Almond Barfi (Badam ki Barfi)

In the winter season, this sweet is quite popular. We all are aware of the goodness of almonds. It makes our memory power sharp and keeps our body warm. So what can be better sweet than this on New Year’s? You know, what I like about this sweet is, it is super easy to make. It just needs two or three ingredients. So you don’t need to think about how you will get all the ingredients. So now just to make a delicious sweet and make your, and your loved ones new year sweetest.

Parwal ki Mithai

If you don’t want to feel guilty that you are eating so much unhealthy food. But at the same time, you want to eat some yummy sweets. This is what you can have this new year. You will not feel guilty because you are eating a vegetable. You will be happy because you are eating a delicious sweet. So give this a try. I am sure you will love this sweet a lot.

Coconut Ladoo

If you don’t want to eat too sweet and heavy sweets. This can be a great option for you. Coconut ladoo is not too sweet in taste and it is healthy. So you can make it at your home too and eat as much as you want. You don’t need to put any restrictions on yourself. Just go for it.

These are the five sweets that I listed for you. In this list, I try to balance and take care of the taste of all kinds of people. I am sure, these sweets will not only make your new year but also your whole year so beautiful. All these sweets if you want you can make at your home within 1 or 2 hours. So make delicious and yummy sweets and make your and dear ones new year sweeter.