Artificial Intelligence – Shaping the Future

Artificial Intelligence – Shaping the Future

Technologies can be considered as a boon to humankind. People are highly dependent on technologies and it has become part of their day to day lives. From smart homes to wearable devices, we are surrounded by the surreal flux of automation and machinery. In my perspective, sci-fi movies have shown us the way AI can inflict humankind. AI can have a significant impact on human lives in the future. Even now, businesses are heavily implementing in their operational procedures. Digital marketing companies in India such as Digitous Media uses AI to predict an ongoing trend in the market and infuse the results with efforts from experienced employees to deploy a suitable marketing strategy for their customers.

The Scope of AI

AI is currently on the verge of further enhancement and investors are bidding on this technology greatly. This can be extremely helpful for businesses and humankind as AI is the source of robotics and automation machinery. AI, if properly used, can bring a revolutionary change in business sectors by automating operational procedures. Compared to the results provided by humans, AI automated machines provide accurate results. Apart from this, the usage of AI in the day to day lives of people are increasing daily. The word Smart is being attached to everything including homes, watches, and phones that are used by us every day. Moreover, it is the general psychology of people to be attracted to schemes that provide them with higher profitability. Therefore, it is a natural phenomenon that we are being attracted to AI-driven devices.

The academic field is also making suitable usage of AI by introducing it as a learning tool, which is entirely an online-based initiative. There are several introverted students who face difficulties in interacting with teachers while in class surrounded by a bunch of other students. Therefore, it is a suitable option for them to learn as they feel much more open to a robot moreover the entire process is over a PC or smartphone so commuting issues are also eradicated.

Uncertainty Led by AI

Despite of innumerable benefits from AI, it is still uncertain as to how it can affect the lives of human beings. For instance, Amazon is a well-known E-commerce brand that uses AI in its operational procedures. Amazon Web Services includes various systematic approaches such as artificial intelligence is brought to the home by Amazon Echo through an intellectual voice server called Alexa. However, the primary AI services of Amazon include Lex, which is a business version of Alexa. The text to speech is powered by Polly while Images are recognized by Rekognition. Therefore, it is clear as to how businesses are implementing AI in their operational procedures to reap massive benefits from their existing markets.

AI companies are currently receiving massive investment from giant firms such as Google and Microsoft. With the surge of academic AI research, job openings for AI are taking a leap across industries. According to Montreal University professor, YoshuaBengio, artificial intelligence not only hold a world of possibilities but a plethora of risks as well. There is no doubt that AI will have a major impact on the economy and society will be shaped in accordance with it. He also added that AI will surely affect the job market in the coming future.