Enjoy these Weekend Getaways from Delhi

Enjoy these Weekend Getaways from Delhi

If you are looking for some break and thus, intending to start your Melbourne to Delhi tour, you are certainly making the best decision. A visit to the capital city would surely help refresh your senses and let you stay away from your monotonous life’s hustle for a while. The client visits and presentations in your office might have drained your whole energy. Now is the time for you to take a break and engross in the beauty of Delhi. You are free to explore the whole of Delhi, and if you have some more spare days, you can explore the weekend getaways from Delhi as well. 

While you are busy planning your Melbourne to Delhi journey, you should have some extra days in your hands for exploring some nearby places as well. Such destinations are not that crowded, and their unspoiled beauty would steal away your heart. Have a look at these weekend getaways mentioned below: 

1. Neemrana (129 km from Delhi)

Neemrana is located in Rajasthan’s Alwar district and is relatively peaceful. Thus, anyone who is seeking some quaint environment should definitely visit this place. Neemrana is majorly famous for its commendable and very massive Neemrana Fort Palace that dates back to the 15th century. It was once a palace, and now it has been transformed into luxury accommodation. 

2. Sohna (63 km from Delhi)

Sohna is a quaint city residing in Haryana that has proved to be a real retreat for every Delhiite. It has the beauty and serene nature that you would always be striving to witness. There are many pristine lakes, fort ruins, and the hot springs present in Sohna. Each one of them proves to be the primary factor responsible for the fame of this city. Sohna is famous for its natural beauty! 

3. Manesar (56 km from Delhi)

Manesar started as a quiet village, and later on, it gradually became the business hub. This has led to tremendous growth in this city in over 30 years. The rustic charm and the calmness prevalent here would steal away your heart in no time. The city is dotted with many fun and luxurious resorts. Each one of them ensures that your stay here is worthwhile. Manesar has lately become a popular escapade for every tourist.

4. Alwar (164 km from Delhi)

Alwar is considered amongst the oldest cities prevalent in Rajasthan. Also, it acts as a sheath to several forts, remains, and palaces. It is a quiet place that shall take you back to the mighty kings’ age. Alwar is located closer to Delhi and is one of the most looked upon places to explore. While being here, you can visit the Bhangarh Fort located on this city’s outskirts. Also, it is notably known as a haunted place in India. 

5. Sariska Tiger Reserve (195 km from Delhi) 

The Sariska Tiger Reserve is loved especially by those who love nature and spend some time amidst the same. This reserve acts as a habitat for many wildlife species such as the Indian jackal, chinkara, sambar deer, langurs, and leopards. You can also spot the Royal Bengal tigers here. This reserve is expanded over an area of 866 square feet. The Sariska Tiger Reserve is open for the public from 1st October to 30th June. 

6. Mathura (180 km from Delhi)

Mathura is not that far from Delhi, and so, it is one of the most visited weekend getaways from the capital city. Anyone who is a spiritual seeker would undoubtedly love the aura of this place. Also, it is a scenic getaway that would impress you in no time. Mathura is renowned as a land of Lord Krishna’s birth, and thus, it is accompanied by a lot of spiritual faith amongst the people. The positive aura, massive and beautiful temples here would attract your sense in no time. 

7. Bharatpur (220 km from Delhi)

Bharatpur is a city that has a myriad of historical tales. Thus, it has gained attention from a lot of history buffs lately. It was founded and established by the very prominent Maharaja Suraj Mal during the 1700s. As noted, Bharatpur is also named the “Eastern Gateway to Rajasthan.” The city has been gaining much fame due to its UNESCO-listed heritage site Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. If you want to have a look at the migratory birds here, you should visit the city from October-February. 

8. Agra (233 km from Delhi)

Agra is home to one of the seven wonders of the world and the epitome of love, the Taj Mahal. Thus, whoever is present in Delhi would never miss out on visiting Agra. It is the most prominent and highly loved elegant city known to offer a view into the Mughal Dynasty’s culture and legacy. While being here, you are going to come across the architecture, ways of living, and culture of the medieval era. The best time to visit Agra is from August to March. 

9. Rishikesh (241 km from Delhi)

Rishikesh is an exquisite town that is prevalent in the Himalayas. It is also considered to be the world’s yoga capital. This city resides in Uttarakhand and is worldly renowned for its array of temples and heart-warming sights. While you are here, do not forget to be a part of the fantastic Ganga Arti held every evening at the TriveniGhat. There are many adventure activities that you can try out here, and these include bungee jumping, river rafting, etc. 


So, now that you are aware of the various weekend destinations from Delhi, which one are you going to choose? You may select the ones suiting your budget and time availability. You should also ensure that your Melbourne to Delhi flight is booked by a trustworthy operator. For this, you can contact the team of experts at MyTicketsToIndia. It is a certified and leading ticketing service provider. Also, they have secure payment methods, and the ticket booking services have no hidden charges. Contact them now and get discounted deals on air tickets with no shortcomings.