How To Manage Social Media Advertising Campaigns?

How To Manage Social Media Advertising Campaigns?

Social media advertising is one most significant PPC advertising techniques that target social media networking platforms. Studies have proved that unlike other PPC advertising channels, social media has the potential to build strong connections with the right audience, spread brand awareness, boost website traffic, and drive-in high sales to the home. All these are easily achieved by running a successful social media advertising campaign on a popular platform.

Companies offering PPC management services in Delhi and Kolkata or other regions pay more attention to social media ads and campaigns when it comes to advertising a brand. According to the experts, managing a social media advertising campaign is equally important as managing Google AdWords and traditional advertising campaigns.

Running a marketing campaign on social media may not be so difficult if you know the trick and technique. But managing the overall campaign and enjoying the optimal results is quite challenging.

However, no worries, if you are reading this article at the moment. Here we have mentioned a few ways following which you can easily manage and monitor your ad campaign on social media. Just have a look.

3 Typical Ways to Manage Social Media Advertising Campaigns

  1. Manage your ad campaign manually: The cheapest way of managing your ad campaign on social media is by managing it by yourself. Manually running a campaign cut down the operational costs and improve the performance of the social media campaign.

    Let us talk about the pros and cons of this.


    Running the campaigns manually, you can devote the entire budget to this and use it according to your needs. Every dollar you spend will be based on your thoughts and ideas. You are the only one responsible for driving success and failure to the campaign.

    Cons –

    On the other side, manual running campaigns come with multiple drawbacks. Suppose you face any challenge down the road, you will find difficulty in solving the problem by yourself. Every hour should be accurately spent on the campaign. Maybe you need to work overnight for this and keep an eye on your campaign without any miss.
  2. Manage your ad campaigns using automated software and tools: Another easiest way of managing your ad campaigns on social media is by using automated software and tools. With time and with the evolution of new technologies, many new software and tools have emerged. You can make use of these tools to run your ad campaigns without any stop.

    Social media managing tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, Loomly, Sendible, Later, and many more are designed to manage different social media activities on different social platforms.

    Pros –

    Using automated software for managing social media ads ease out the entire work and effort. It reduces time consumption and amplifies the productivity of social media ads. Tools like Adespresso optimize Facebook campaigns and analyze the results with accuracy.

    Cons –

    Great tools come at a great price. Though you can get some tools free, to access better marketing features you need to rely on the premium versions of the automated software. You just can’t get rid of this additional expense when you are thinking to manage your campaigns using automated software.
  3. Manage your ad campaigns hiring an expert: Do you have a good budget? Are you ready to invest a few bucks in your social media ad campaigns? In that case, we would recommend you to manage your ad campaigns by hiring an expert.

    Pros –

    Hiring an expert or a team of experts will lessen down your effort by performing the job by themselves. The well-trained team members manage ad campaigns with perfection. They use proper tools and techniques to advertise your business and brand products or services. The experienced team delivers positive results, nothing can be more important than this.

    Cons –

    Asking the experts to manage your ad campaign requires a good investment. If you have a tight budget, you should think twice before hiring an agency. Another challenge arises when you hit plenty of social media ad managing experts and you need to find the best one among them. This is pretty challenging and requires enough time to make a wise decision.

The Bottom Line

Be it your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, or Pinterest, every social media advertising channel has its own set of marketing rules and terms. You need to understand them before deciding to run an ad campaign.

New to this? Visit a digital marketing agency, consult with the SMO and PPC experts, and craft a social media advertising strategy that meet all your business requirements and priorities. Don’t forget to research your competition before commencing the job.