How to Perfectly Decorate Your Home This New Year

How to Perfectly Decorate Your Home This New Year

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A new year is a new chapter, and while you seldom can afford to buy a new house, having your home renovated and giving it a facelift is a great place to begin the rejuvenation process. Starting with something as small such as changing a shower curtain, even can have a positive impact on you.

This New Year calls for a new you; with vaccines around the corner, the year 2021 can only be better than what we have fared against so far.

According to a recent study by, Americans are projected to spend, on average, $60 on holiday decorations in 2020, which is an increase of almost $20 compared to $41 ten years earlier. Furthermore, in response to a recent survey, it was also discovered that Americans plan to spend $116 on home and holiday furnishings on average.

While socializing away from home tops the list, consumers are planning to spend $391 with 14% projected to increase their spending substantially.

In light of this information, let’s take a quick look at some great trends for perfectly decorating your home this new year and welcoming 2021 with open arms (or, as Scott Stapp would say, ‘With arms wide open!’).

Cottagecore with Sophisticated Outlook

Cottagecore is not a new concept, but surprisingly it has gained an incredible amount of popularity in recent times. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to incorporate this style. Also known as Farmcore or Countrycore, it is an aesthetic inspired widely by internet users, referring to a romanticized interpretation of western agricultural life.

Some sources also describe it as a Generation Z subculture. The idea was developed throughout the 2010s until it was finally coined on Tumblr back in 2018.

If the current years have taught us anything at all is that we have pursued technology at the cost of harming Mother Nature.

With global warming and climate change show evident and undeniable signs of doom looming over us for the coming years ahead, it is indeed high time to embrace our long-forgotten love for nature. The biggest change, however, starts from home and within us!

Global Influence

This is perhaps the most difficult and challenging look to master as in this style lies the correct balance between a mix of cultures from around the world all synch into one astounding look.

However, this will also help you to accomplish truly magnificent and unique decoration for your homes that will yield original and seen before results. Hence you can have a lot of fun experimenting with what goes in and what goes out.

The Global Influence home decoration style is verily for the well-acquainted and travelers who know about a variety of cultures and practices.

So if you think you have a pretty sound grasp of cultures and traditions around the world, plus you share a profound love for their distinctiveness and differences, then this is the one for you.

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Minimalist Approach

Minimalist home décor revolves around the concept of removing clutter in the environment, thus giving you more space to move around and be productive without hitting or bumping into objects.

For some, it is a modern take on living with only the resources that necessary and not using too many mundane objects that offer little to no functionality. Hence rooms are ideally optimized to deliver their purpose and just that in their absolute sense.

What you get in return is an elegant look that is bridled with simplicity but a definite charm of its own. For some, this is a style of décor which is for the enlightened who don’t like to take part in the frivolities of human life and redundant desires.

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Traditional and Classic

Traditional styles differ in the sense that they originate from different roots depending on the culture and tradition people follow. For Europeans, a conventional style may refer to a more Victorian setting, whereas for Americans, traditional houses greatly differ in many aspects.

Apparent features include large and open porches with dormers and overhanging beams. Conventional materials for buildings are also sued to give them a distinct classical look, such as bricks, plaster, stone, stucco, and wood.

Other elements include gilded mirrors, crystalline chandeliers, curtains, marble tops, antiques, leather seats, and cane-backed chairs, to name a few.


There is a thing about antique designs that, with the proper setting, can give off some pretty chic vibes. Vintage looks stand out due to their outdated designs, but that certainly does not mean that they have lost their function or utility.

For some, the old and the historic mean no value. However, on the other hand, we have those who hold their roots and humble beginnings in high regard. At the same time, it’s true that vintage looks are not for everyone how there is definitely an aesthetic appeal that only a few amongst us have come to cherish and hold dear to ourselves.


Your home is your dwelling place, and the surrounding environment does have an undeniable effect on your moods and feelings. New Year is a great time to renovate and decorate your home. It marks a new beginning in your journey, so that is all the more reason to start the coming year afresh.

I hope this post was able to offer you some interesting themes to explore and decorate your homes. All the best for your future endeavors and a very happy New Year!

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