How to Set Up Digital Ads On Facebook? Digital Advertising Tips for Contractors

How to Set Up Digital Ads On Facebook? Digital Advertising Tips for Contractors

Social media has recently dominated the entire digital marketing platform. People are desperately choosing social media networks to leverage their online business and gain the attention of a wide audience. Above all, marketers are using popular social channels to run digital ads and grab more customers from the crowd.

We are happy to know that you are also interested in setting up digital ads on Facebook. After Google Ads, people blindly choose Facebook as the second most option to advertise their business. Even if you reach out to a PPC marketing company in Delhi, they will give you these priorities. Because they know how significant the results are.

6 Important Digital Marketing Tips for Contractors

  1. Know your goals and objective: Different marketers have different brand objectives and goals. Not every ad campaign is made for collecting prospects or converting customers. You just need to know your goals before starting your ad campaign.

    Several reasons can be drawn from an ad campaign. The list discloses everything. Brand awareness: Maybe you just want to make your brand visible to your target audience. Business outreach: Maybe you want to improve your reach and grab more prospects.

    Engage traffic: Maybe you want to build engagement and draw more traffic.Generating leads: Maybe you want to generate quality leads and use them afterward.
    Building conversions: Maybe you want to generate more customers and increase your business revenue.
    Grow viewers: Maybe you want to increase the number of viewers and followers.

    No matter what your objective is, be clear, and set your campaign accordingly.
  2. Create ad copies and go for a split test: When you think about an ad campaign, you should be ready with multiple ad copies. The more the number of ad copies you have, the more you get the options to choose the best. Research on the keywords that should be used for advertisements. Remember, the keywords are the key to drive your audience to your online desk. So, you just can’t choose anything randomly. Find the best performing keywords and use them to create engaging ad copies.

    Now, when you are done with your ad copies, it’s time to go for a split test. Split test is nothing but an A/B test that analyses every ad copy and help you get the optimum result. Guys, this particular test only works for multiple ad copies. If you don’t have more than one, you can simply turn it off.
  3. Create an ad account: Facebook allows users to advertise their products or brand online. But for this, you need to create an ad account. Setting up an ad account on Facebook is easy. Just click the link “Set up ad account”, enter the required details, along with the country name, preferred currency, time zone, etc. and press Continue. Remember, once this is created you can’t edit. So, be careful about what you are choosing.
  4. Choose your target audience: Now coming to your targeted audience. On Facebook, you have a wide audience. Are you targeting all of them? If yes, you can go for it. But in most cases, the list of followers or subscribers are not the targeted ones. You have to find the right audience and grab their attention.
     Go to a custom audience where you can filter out your targeted audience. You can do this by selecting the preferred location, gender, age group, and language. Doing this your ad gets more visible to them, seeking their attention whenever they scroll their timeline.
  5. Find Facebook ad placements: Now the next step is to find where you need your Facebook ads to appear. You can do this by using Automatic Placements. The moment you choose this option, you get the leverage to place your ads automatically across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and the Audience Network. Using the placement option, you can run your ads on stories, newsfeed, messages, in-stream videos, in-article, apps, and other sites as well. But all have to be related to Facebook.
  6. Set your budget and create your ad: Done with everything? Now time to set your budget and create your ad by clicking the submitting option. Facebook allows advertisers to choose their daily budget and maximum bid in each auction. You can define your own and finally create your own ad based on your desired type.


Facebook allows its users to run different types of ads. These include image ads, video ads, carousel ads, slideshow ads, collection ads, lead ads, dynamic ads, stories ads, messenger ads, and many more. You can simply choose your requirements and run the advertisement to generate more customers.

Online marketing for home contractors is a bit challenging. But if you choose the right technique, right tools, and the right strategy, you can simply find a way out to your success.