How to Take Care of a Leather Coat

How to Take Care of a Leather Coat

A leather coat is an ideal fit for formal events that come with distinct features. It elevates one’s personality giving a unique and primed appearance. Leather coats essentially have black and brown color, which is visually more appealing to the eyes. Leather is ultra-fine, supple, and internally lined with soft viscose lining. Different styles of coats like belts, fur, puffer, shearling-lined styles are available in the market. Leather coats when used for a long time need extra care, and if not may lose their reliability factor. Different types of leather jackets differ from one other in terms of features and characteristics. Cowhide and lambskin are mostly preferred by men due to their comfortable and soft touch. All these types of leather jackets have different care needs and come with cautions and instructions on how to use them and care for them.

This blog will give you knowledge on how to take care of your precious jackets and coats that will be your lifetime companion.

Leather Conditioners

Leather conditioners play the role of restoring oil to the leather when the jacket starts getting dry or stiff. Conditioners that are most suitable to be used around leather coats are pure mink oil and natural animal oil. It locks moisture inside the jacket, preventing it from drying and cracking. Every time you choose to conditioner your coat checks the label correctly and make sure it is suitable for your leather type. Avoid using mineral oil and petroleum, which can cause significant damage to your coat. So, once a month try to use quality conditioners to preserve the coat from dryness.


Leather coats need to be protected from stains and marks, if not taken care will lose their beauty and boldness. If in case some stain or ink has been spread over the coat, then nail polish remover and aerosol hair spray will be able to treat well. These sprays dissolve the sealant that able to wipe it away together with the stain. These types of sprays and removers are well-known for stain remover. So, try it out on your leather coat to make it as new as it was before.

Smooth Polishing Over Leather Coats

Leather jackets need to be polished as used for some longer time loses the shine and spark. A variety of polishes available in the market but need to be carefully chosen according to your leather type. SaphirPommadier Cream Polish is one of the finest and is a good choice for all leather coats. Do not polish suede or other leather with a soft, fuzzy texture. It is not possible to make suede glossy without permanently removing this texture. Leather polish is capable to discolor, dry-out, or clog the leather surface so one should use it on special occasions only.

Salt Deposit Removal

Salt deposit is formed on leathers in winters, which creates an unsightly white stain. Salt deposit is capable to create cracks and dry spots on the coats that will make your leather coat look like an old one. To remove the salt, wipe off it with a damp cloth, let it dry and then apply conditioner to it. Another method used in the salt removing process is to scrub the affected area with a stiff-bristled scrub brush.

Oil and Grease Stain Removal

Sweat stains are found around the collar and cuffs to make it look clean and primed use cornstarch. Cornstarch helps in removing sweat, grease, and oil stains. Spread cornstarch over the stain and let it sit overnight or for several hours. Use a feather duster to remove the cornstarch when the stain disappears. A clean rag is another option, which is capable to remove excess oil and grease. Baking soda or talcum powder starts absorbing the stain when sprinkled over the affected area. Sprinkle new powder after an hour; continue this process until the powder no longer changes the color.


Leather water-resistant coats will last for a long. Many water-proof or leather protector products are available in the market like silicone polymer spray and acrylic copolymer spray protects the leather and makes its shiner. Grease-based and wax-based products should be avoided as they may affect leather color, shine, and longevity factor. Don’t machine wash the leather coat, instead used a wet cloth to clean it. This is a better alternative.

Leather Polish

Leather polish is an essential part to keep your leather jacket shiny and glittery. Various types of leather polish are available in the market, which should be tested on a hidden area first. Don’t use shoe polish on your leather jacket, it’s not recommended. Use a polish brush and gently brush the coat upside and down.

Ironing and Hanging Process

The ironing process for a mens leather jacket should be done carefully it is advised to take it to professional leather cleaner. Alternatively, set the iron to the lowest setting labeled as rayon, then place the leather under a thin cloth, and then iron it quickly and briefly. Leather coats and jackets should not be folded and packed in a plastic bag as it can motivate furrows and crack in the leather. Hang it on a wide padded hanger to remove crinkles, and protect your leather from hanging it into direct sunlight as this can make the leather dry.

Above mentioned methods are basically a guideline on how to protect a leather coat, which improves its reliability and durability. Leather coats are the style statement, designed and stitched to meet all your fashion and clothing needs.

Leather coats act as a protector from extreme cold wind and harsh weather. Moreover, it is worn on casual as well as a special occasion to make you stand out from a huge crowd. The aim to provide you a guide is to make your mind clear regarding the take care process of your leather jackets and coats. So, now you know how to properly take care of your precious valuables. If you take care of things, they last you a long time! Good luck.