Product Copywriting- Know about Product Copywriting and its Elements

Product Copywriting- Know about Product Copywriting and its Elements

What is Product Copywriting?

Copywriting refers to the process of writing advertisements for promotional materials. According to Hennery, a senior editor at Myassignmenthelp “A Product Copywriting is a written content that aims to increase awareness of the brands and ultimately convince a person or group to take a particular action.”

Product copywriting denotes to a marketing copy that consists of the description of the product which tends to explain about the product and why the product is worth for purchasing. The product copywriting ensures the audience to make them understand and give proper knowledge about the features and benefits of the product.

A product copywriter who is skilled in writing e-commerce web copy or descriptions of the catalogue can give their best to generate sales. To sell a product online is not new in today’s generation. But, the increasing number of people who choose e-commerce as their primary sales channels has given a boost to the competition. Therefore, it becomes necessary to be specific and selecting the best techniques to have a compelling product copywriting that can give result as profit by increasing sales volume.

Elements of Product Copywriting

Targeted Buyers-

Product copywriting starts through defining the selective buyers. As it has to deal with a massive crowd of audiences, so, it has to be specific in their description that creates a better attitude to generate a purchaser persona.

Compelling Headline-

It is crafted with a powerful headline. A relevant and well-written headline makes the reader knows about the product. Most people focus on the headline that leads to making a specific choice and sense about that product.

Convincing Language-

The headline cannot do the entire job of describing the product. Therefore, the skilled copywriters give careful consideration over every word they write. They use specific words and language that can help them to convince the audience to choose their product and ultimately increases sales.

Avoids Jargons-

An effective Product copywriting does not consist of any jargons and use clear language that can be easily understood by the audience. It appeals to the audience’s senses, helping them to taste, smell or feel what one is selling through the displayed words.

Simple Description-

The product copywriting is described more simply and attractively. It tells about the products in a more defined way such as in clothes; the small bullet points explain their sizes, material, length, and so on that helps their customers to choose accordingly as per their needs and wants.


In the e-commerce product descriptions, it is assured that the written description included in the keywords and phrases that the audience may use as a search engine for that specific product. Therefore, it keeps in mind that it is to be copied as a project that the product can be easily accessible through ‘Search Engine Optimized’.


The product description in a product copywriting follows a list of some form that consists of short paragraphs that can be easily scanned, bullet points — bold text as headlines and sub-headlines, tables, icons, photos and graphics.