Some Famous Programming Languages

Some Famous Programming Languages

In this century every day, we need to develop several applications for various works. These applications help us to do our work easily and also in a short time. That means we need to develop these applications for our own goods. So, to create an application we need a language. Such languages that can be understand by a machine easily. And, that language must be understood by a human also. We call it Programming Language. Day after day developers created many programming languages for machines to work accurately and firstly. These languages are also easily understandable by humans. There are many programming languages. Today I am going to introduce you to the most used programming languages that you can use to create any applications.

1.      Python

Python is created by Guido van Rossum, a programmer who later joined Microsoft. It is one of the most used languages in the programming world. Because this language is very easy to learn for any beginners and also this language is easy to read for any developers. Python is mainly used for developing video games because of its strong security issues. The developers of the game can easily make any video games by Python as it is very easy to make any 2D and 3D imaging as well as animations. Some of the famous applications developed with Python are YouTube, Quora, Pinterest, Instagram and some of the famous games are Civilization IV, Vegas Trike, Toontown.

2.      Java

Java is developed by James Gosling, a developer who worked at Sun Microsystems that lately occupied by Oracle. That means programming language Java is owned by Oracle Corporation now. This language is widely used by all computer programs such as Mac, Windows, and also used in Android, iOS, etc. Because this language has the ability to run anywhere. Many famous organizations and companies use Java to develop their applications. Some of them are Google, Amazon, Twitter, and Youtube. There is only one problem with this language. The problem is that this language is not so easy to learn. It is a very complex language to learn. This also has many benefits. Any program developed by Java is not easy to hack. To run Java you may sometimes need Java Runtime Environment or JRE. With this, you can easily develop any Java program.

3.      C and C++

C and C++ is the oldest programming language. And, also it is a widely-used programming language that has been using for 25 years. You can call it the father of all languages. All other programming languages including C#, Java, JavaScript. That’s why before learning any programming languages anyone should learn first C and C++ language. Many critical applications as well as commercial products are made by this language. Some of the famous applications as Firefox, Adobe, Google file system, MySQL, Google Chromium browser, and video games.

4.      Ruby

Ruby is an old programming language developed by a Japanese developer named Yukihiro Matsumoto. This language is much easy to learn than other languages. Because the developer of Ruby made it programmer-friendly or you can call it human-friendly language. Some of the famous applications developed by RuBy are GitHub, Shopify, Airbnb, Twitch, SoundCloud, Hulu, etc.


After all of these, I can only say that it’s totally up to you what language you want to learn. Choose wisely and start your journey as a programmer as soon as possible